A Video Of A Husky In The Fridge Will Make Your Day

A Video Of A Husky In The Fridge Will Make Your Day

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It’s Summer time and the weather has been cooking eggs on the driveway. Whenever it’s summer time, I would always wait for the ice cream man to stop by. It has become one of my routines for almost a month until school was up.

The weather was always hot and sometimes I could bathe twice a day. For dogs, they need extra care during this season because they might have a heat stroke and we don’t want that to happen. Most especially if you own a husky.

Huskies are types of dogs that have a wolf-like appearance. They are medium-sized and have distinctive black and white or red and white patterns on their face like raccoons. Their eyes are as blue as the sky.

(Image Source: http://wallpapersdsc.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Husky-HD.jpg)

I’ve always wanted to have one in real life because of the movie I watched. The title of the film was ‘Eight Below’ and it was one of the movies that made me cry salty tears.

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These type of dogs are very hard to train and can sometimes be mischievous. Although they are very friendly breeds, they can be stubborn just like kids (Think of raising another child-LOL)

However, they make excellent jogging companions as they have too much energy stored under their fur. Huskies love running and can sprint for more than 4 hours. (I bet Usain Bolt can have a husky as a pet. Just kidding)

(Image Source: https://wallpaperscraft.com/image/husky_couple_dogs_snow_alaska_95879_1920x1080.jpg)

They prefer to live in a cold place because their fur is very thick and were specially made at a cold temperature. Since we were talking about summer, what’s a good way to cool yourself from the blazing hot weather?

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