There’s genuinely no such thing as having an “anxious mind.” There is only having your suspicion fueled by your thoughts( which is something that everyone knows now and again ). But the people who tend to feel it most intensely are those whose rapid meditating is in constant contrast to their super chill, laid back temperaments. They never know when to fight or flight, everything seems like an over-reaction, and their self-angst is maxed out, because their souls are allay and their abilities are crazed, more often than they will ever admit. Here, all the things that happen when you have an watchful psyche and a laid back personality

1. You embody resulting a life of “quiet desperation.” Half of the reason you’re expectant all the time is because you don’t naturally achievement or, hence, process your ardours, and while that’s positive in some manner, it’s debilitating in others.

2. You’re naturally zen in that you celebrate your spirits objectively . Which is fantastic in that you’re not controlled by them, but pernicious because you then start to believe that you merely have to process or indeed feel the ones you want.

3. You’re highly indecisive; your manager and soul are a paradox all within themselves . You feel as though you’re ever going back and forth between preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, and rarely in-between.

4. You’re laid back because you know how to hush your recollection . Most of your #chill lifestyle was developed out of necessity. Your mentality starts to short circuit when you overload it with any more drama or concern, so you actively go out of your room to create a life where the only troubles you have are the ones you even out in your mind.

5. You’re intelligent enough to know what could possibly happen, but sanded enough to know that worrying about it won’t prevent it . You’re aware that ultimately, an infinity of inauspiciou fates are to fall on us all. You often think that the whole problem with humans is that we’re animals that don’t want to be animals … beings who do everything in their strength to make their collective contingency( demise) more appetizing in any way.

6. Yet, you’re most comfortable with their own lives when you feel preparations for the worst . Your mind perpetually goes back to what you’d do if you were to lose a job, lose a relationship, etc ., and when you is known that your savings account will support you or that you won’t be emotionally ruined by losing one particular person, you feel free to happily go about your life.

7. You seek solitude and loosening contexts so your intelligence can process and deprogram and let off steam . You’re not one of those people that needs any more external stimulation to keep them entertained or wondering or interested – you’ve get that all flooded, perhaps to an undesirable degree.

8. You are your own locus of verify. And perhaps this is the most positive characteristic “youve had”: you do not assume that anybody else is responsible for your ardours, and you know this because thinking otherwise places you in a minefield of sustain for the rest of your life.

9. You’re extremely casual about your self-development . You’re one of those people who predicts Deepak Chopra on the beach.

10. You’re non-confrontational to a fault . You’ll do anything to avoid not having to upset anybody and that often upshots in you not communicating how you really feel, when doing so would eliminate the problem altogether.

11. You often wonder if it is your resistance to action that creates your anxiety-thoughts . That maybe feeling resentful or agitated or worried is just an internal call to do better, one that’s being avoided.

12. You’re mesmerized by personality types and the ways humans office . You’re probably into astrology or psychology or Myers Briggs identities, and your groupings of people within these systems infiltrates your daily conversation about them. Eventually, it helps you understand yourself better.

13. You retain a tight social curve . You feel like you can only really have fun when you’re in the fact that there are people you’re truly comfortable with. Otherwise, you’re trying to mentally plaza yourself enough to be comfortable.

14. You’re special about what you want, hitherto super chill about what you have . You probably need to keep a gratitude publication if you don’t have one once, one, because that’s something you’d be into, and two, because you have a hard time being completely “in the moment.”

15. You’re all but convinced that the smartest people on Earth have somehow transcended their neurological hardwiring, and know how to precisely enjoy life . You know that “ignorance is bliss” may be a misquote and a generally dreadful nature to approach life, and hitherto you often imagine about how lovely it is necessary to time not worry at all. Side note: you too probably cherish dogs.

16. You’ll argue that over-thinking and your apprehension to immediately trust someone is, in fact, what continues your peace of mind . While not ever the healthiest frame of know-how, you can also acknowledge that it’s people who are too trusting and very shallow in their presuppositions that end up getting hurt and operated and so on.

18. Your entire life struggle can be summed up as not having “the wisdom to know the difference.” You’re very good at letting travel. You’re even better at trying harder. But knowing when each is appropriate is completely lost on you. Alas: the #struggle.


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