From fluff to fur, puppies grow-up really fast. You blink once or twice and your little goofball becomes a sophisticated K9. Because of their rapid change, a lot of owneds want to document every gulp their little bundle of joy makes. Bored Panda has mustered another series( part I, part II) of before-and-after photos of doggos growing up, and they’re so charming, they’ll surely remind you to cherish every moment you spend with your four-legged friend. Scroll down to check out the enters and upvote your faves!

# 1 Before And After Deployment

# 2 Father, Daughter And Pet Take The Same Photo For 10 Years, And It’s Bizarre How Little Things Actually Change

# 3 20 Years Eventually And Still Going Strong

# 4 6 Weeks Vs. 6 Months

# 5 14 Years And A Lot Of Grey Hairs Later

# 6 Once The Boss, Always The Boss

# 7 11 Years Apart

# 8 Before And After. That’s Like Having A Pet Bear

# 9 Exactly 12 Years Apart

#10 12 Weeks Apart

#11 “I Want To Sleep On You Hooman”

#12 8 Weeks To 8 Months

#13 Let’s Grow Up Together, Friend

#14 My Boy Lucky Was There For My First Day Of Kindergarten And My Senior Portrait

#15 8 Weeks To 5 Months! The Same Mummy And The Same Car, Just Slightly Bigger Winston

#16 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 Months With My Little Girl

#17 Veterinarian Caring For The Same Dog 15 Times Apart

#18 We Are Both Still In Camo 2 Times Later

#19 14 Times Later And We’re Still Inseparable Even Though I’m A Grown Up And He’s Slowing Down

#20 Puppy Grows Into Small Horse In 9 Months

#21 Developing Together

#22 Puppy Progression. Golden Doodle Puppy To Brown Bear 9 Months

#23 My Little Bro And Eli The Poodle, On His First And Last Day Of National Guard. 6 Times Apart

#24 Still A Pupper At Heart

#25 My Little Brother And His Dog Domino 10 Years Apart

#26 Then And Now. Developing Up Together

#27 Re-Took This Picture On NYE With My Little Brother And His Dog, 11 Times Eventually

#28 Here’s My Brother’s Dog, Moose The Pyrenees, On The Day That I Brought Him Home And Then A Year Later. I’m 6’4″ For Scale

#29 Sigurd, 1 Year Old Now!

#30 14 Years Eventually

#31 My Oldest Pup Turned 8 Today. He’s Still A Mamma’s Boy

#32 14 Years Apart

#33 Me And My Weenie 13 Years Apart

#34 Jub Jub Before And After

#35 First Time They Met And Now Today Growing Up Together As Best Friends

#36 From Puppy To Dog

#37 10 Years Eventually!

#38 A Yesterday’s Post Inspired Me To Do The Same. 16 Times Eventually

#39 A Girl And Her Dog, 3 Years Afterwards. We Got The Dog At 8-Weeks-Old, When My Daughter Turned 1. They’ve Been Inseparable Since

#40 A Year Later And She’s Still Just A Big Baby

#41 From 1 Month To 1 Year. He’s Gotten A Lot Weirder But Still A Perfect Boy

#42 I Give You Two Years Later. Human For Scale

#43 Almost A Year With Koda

#44 Growing Up Together Is The Best

#45 Uh. Someone Got Small And That’s Not Me

#46 Well They Have Grown Just A Little

#47 My Daughter And Our Boxer Lily. Taken 2 Years Apart

#48 Today The “Little Man” Turned One Year Old

#49 Freyja Is One Today

#50 My Wife And Capone. 2016 Vs 2018

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