1. The authorities have parties out there who want to realize things better. Who want to change things for the better. Who are interested in curing even when the problem doesn’t instantly repercussion them. Who aren’t solely dedicated to only self-preservation, to what’s good for them, to their own bubble. The authorities have people out there who aren’t concerned with facing awkward scenarios and things that are hard and things that feel absolutely fucked and unfixable. There’s a prominent Mr. Rodgers quote about ever looking for the helpers, because you can always find people who are helping. The authorities have people out there who are aides. The authorities have parties out there who want to fix things. You can always look for the helpers.

2. One of my favorite excerpts by a comedian is that if she shits herself on stagecoach she can always be coming back to North Carolina and start a new life. While I have never shit myself on a stage, I take immense ease in the fact that if everything goes to hell I can always be coming back to Montana( or Maine, or Portland, or Arizona, or genuinely anywhere) and start a new life. I do not have to stay anywhere, I do not have to be anyone, I do not have to have any sort of life just because I’ve had it before. If I want to go live in the middle of nowhere, if I want to move to New York, I can do that. If you shit yourself on theatre, if everything falls apart, you can go somewhere brand-new and construct something new. You can always rehabilitated from spoil.

3. There’s something greatly motivating about trying to be a better person for my pup. She already anticipates I’m …< i> the nations of the world . That I’m the thing to ever happen. And even though I’m not and I’ve knocked her off the berthed, forgotten to feed her , not taken her for a long enough walk because it’s raining, or precisely been…human, I predict, she still looks at me and attends the nations of the world. I’m never going to be as good as she reputes I am, but I can try. We don’t deserve puppies and she emphatically deserves more than me, but I can try and be that thing she deserves. I can try and be the thing she already looking back on me and verifies.

4. Eventually, about anything you can must be considered , no one will care. Like Scaachi Koul says,” One day we’ll all be dead and none of this will material .” But day is candidly a potent thing. Eventually, the thing, the person or persons, the cache, the breakup, the words, the moment that you thought would recur you forever is nothing less than a blip on your radar. If that. Eventually, the thing that used to oblige person abhor you won’t even register to them. Eventually, things that feel so in your face right now will scarcely stuff. Eventually , no one cares. Everything can fade and become remote and inconsequential with sufficient time.

5. The other darknes while we were sleeping I woke up to you attracting at me. Not hard-bitten , not expecting, merely little tugs on my waistband that seemed to say, ” This nature. Merely come over here .” I thought you were still asleep so I just quietly pressured, wheeling over, propping you after I converge you in the midst of the bed. The next morning when I mentioned it off the cuff expecting it was something you did haphazardly while half-asleep, probably dreaming of something else, and you looked at me and said,” Oh yeah I do that every night. Most of the time you don’t wake up but you always come over and maintained me .” And maybe it’s silly to make this a metaphor about something to hold close, about a recollection importance saving, but if you want me to hold onto you, I will. And that’s something that I, in turn, can hold onto for myself. The notion that we can meet in the middle, that we will be there whether we’re aware of it or not to hold onto each other.

6. The worst date of your life already happened. Yes–there may be a day that is worse that is still to come. A epoch that will knock you on your ass, make the wind straight from you, be the sort of day that feels like attempting to walk through a hurricane it is so mind-numbingly difficult. But that is a day that will too objective. Good periods, bad epoches, astounding days, terrifying days, euphoric days, days that you never want to end and days that you need to be over immediately will all terminate . No daytime is forever. And after it happens it’s done. Your bad epoches will end, the bad times will end, and then you get to start all over again. You can always start all over again.


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