A 190 -pound mastiff appointed Floyd needed several right hand Sunday after becoming wearied on a hike in Utah, asking a save team to carry him down the mountain.

“He was very tired, ” Shawn Kenney, a crew leader with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue unit, told HuffPost.

Members of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue squad in Utah proved friends in need for Floyd when a mountain hike left the huge dog exhausted.

The all-volunteer , nonprofit save group responded to a report Sunday that Floyd and his nameless owner needed assistance on Grandeur Peak Trail, located in mountains outside Salt Lake City , according to a now-viral Facebook post star variou photos of the dog’s rescue.

Floyd, his owned and other human members of the family had hiked up the mountain but took a erroneous turn on the way back, Kenney said, adding that it’s a common mistake on this particular trail. The group culminated up foreman down a “really steep” descent that Kenney described as a “nightmare.”

It was when the family turned and attempted to go back to where the government has spawned the mistaken turn that the dog plunked down and refused to budge.

Along with being wearied, Floyd suffered slice on his paws during Sunday’s excursion.

While Floyd at this point was suffering from some strokes on his paws, Kenney said exhaustion was the primary intellect the mastiff decided that for him, the hike was over.

“The dog was mostly tired, ” said Kenney. “It’s a really big hike and it’s a huge dog.”

With no cell work on the mountain or any easy practice to mobilize the heavy canine, Floyd’s owner opted to stay with him while the others — working group that included small children and at least one other adult — continued down the trail.

For Floyd’s part, he took pretty well to being rescued, which involved him being put into a litter and rotated partway down the mountain, then carried in the litter after the rotate broke.

“He was just chill, ” Kenney said. “He knew he was getting be put into practice. He just laid there and enjoyed the ride.”

Floyd took to being extricated very well.

Though Kenney hasn’t been in touch with Floyd’s owner since Sunday, he said the man’s sister has passed along that the pet is doing well and has been resting.

Kenney added that ever since the storey made the news, he’s been hearing from several people who have mastiffs that Floyd’s response to the exertion that wore him out isn’t remarkable for the breed.

“When they go for accompanies with those kind of dogs, they returning a wagon with them, ” he said.

What a good son.