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In my opinion, one of the only reasons for YouTube to still exist is animal videos.

Otherwise a cesspool of screaming vloggers and disturbing children’s content, sheets like the Sunflower Farm Creamery and the Cincinnati Zoo( residence of Fiona the hippo) give the overstuffed pulpit a little joy. One of my favorites, though, isn’t a page but a genre: bird-dog substantiate clips.

I watch both the Westminster Dog Show and the National Dog Show religiously. Although I’m sure the dog show experience is much different in person, on TV they’re tranquil, quiet, organized affairs boasting pleasant banter in which I do not have to participate — excellent for my nervousnes. Plus, they perform “the worlds largest” charming humen on the planet.

If you want to watch some pup evidence excerpts on YouTube, you have a few alternatives. Got a lot of time to kill? I’m thrilled to tell you that some evidences are available in full. If you have less go, but want your decay centre to feel maximum emotion, consider watching a particularly beautiful hound acquire Best in Show.

Here, for example, is the heartwarming victory of Norman the Brussels Griffon who made home the deed at the 2017 National Dog Show. This excerpt has it all: cute dogs, bizarrely dressed handlers, evident( but not overwhelming) uncertainty, a glad resolving. And it’s simply 11 times long.

Perhaps you have a favorite multiply or group of procreates. Great! Someone, somewhere has uploaded the perfect hound see excerpt for you. For instance, I am partial to the toy group — the Maltese, the Chihuahua, the Brussels Griffon — because I like puppies that are incredibly tiny and kind of look like they shouldn’t exist.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the results.

Or perhaps your interests are certainly niche. Maybe you exclusively like gilded retrievers, and you only want to see videos of golden retrievers. We can procreate that happen. Here’s a two hour and 11 time video from Westminster 2017 peculiarity only gilded retrievers. Dozens of them. In reality, a few cases fires in this video are just a bunch of pups milling around.

Don’t like that spawn? That’s hard to believe and I don’t trust you, but there are videos out there featuring just about every type of pup. So go forth, watch some dogs, and take a deep breath. You deserve it.

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