It’s difficult to guess what redeeming features Netflix understand in its freshly acquired Romanian cinema Oh, Ramona !

Oh Ramona !

RELEASE DATE: 6/ 1/2019

DIRECTOR: Cristina Jacob


Nerdy teen Andrei recovers from coming turned away by his school’s popular hot girlfriend, Ramona.

Based on the book Suck It, Ramona !, coming-of-age slapstick Oh, Ramona! follows nerdy teen Andrei( Bogdan Iancu) as he recovers from getting turned down by his school’s favourite red-hot daughter, Ramona( Aggy Adams ). When Andrei turns down sex betterments from Ramona in hopes to spark a relationship with her, she decides to date his best friend–leaving him humbled and chilled. In an attempt to cheer him up, his mama takes him to the beach where he encounters Anemona( Holly Horne) and the two instantly fall for each other, even though she has a boyfriend. When Ramona suddenly was decided that she returns his feelings for her, Andrei determines himself having to choose between the two women.

Oh, Ramona! somehow manages to hyper-sexualize and objectify girls, victim-blame a woman who says her boyfriend made her, embracing homophobic manners, and fat-shame women in simply 1 hour and 45 hours. On top of its troubling content, the film’s plot procreates little sense and its personas’ activities lack any motivation–making Oh, Ramona! one of the worst movies to be added to the streaming service yet.


From the very first second of the film, Oh, Ramona! champions the male gape and objectifies its female people. In almost every scene with Ramona and Anemona, the camera washes to their cheeks, legs, and form. Andrei’s classmates describe robbing up with women in the most primitive way and give advice that runs along the lines of,” pretend to seem interested in whatever she says so she’ll want to have sex with you .” When Ramona announces Andrei for help and implies that the guy she’s dating pop her, Andrei digits that she probably did it to herself to get his attention.

The film’s problematic and regressive, American Pie -era storytelling doesn’t stop with how it represents Ramona and Anemona. The reputations freely manipulated the term “retarded” to describe their classmates. When Andrei gets accused by his classmates of being lesbian, he reacts in a visceral, brutal way–as if get accused of having committed being lesbian is the worst possible thing to happen to him in academy. Watching Andrei fat-shame a classmate by name her a “mammoth” and other disgraceful words is ugly, humorless, and needlessly hurtful in any language.


Like Netflix original teen movie , Oh, Ramona! relies on heavy-handed, gimmicky visuals–especially in the representations where Andrei has copulation. The film concoctions together sex situations with visuals of other objects–cupcakes that looks a lot like tits, pomegranates split open, a hand dipping into a sugar flask, etc.–and the visual upshot is downright nauseating. Creators decide to censor other instants, very, that ultimately offer a disjointed statement of values: When the teens inhale container, the cinema founders decided to replace deadens with bananas.

By the end of Oh, Ramona! , it’s hard to pinpoint what the filmmakers wanted their gathering to learn. The attributes seem to make decisions at random and the plot constructions to the point that there is no real solving. There are enough Netflix movies and TV shows that tackle gender and teens in a smart-alecky, reflective channel, like , and there’s no need for onlookers to consume their experience with Oh, Ramona!

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