We’ve asked you to please stop putting parsley up your vagina and kissing hedgehogs but this next request might just be the weirdest:

People, please stop putting glitter on your dog’s testicles.

In the latest trend that needs to die immediately, baby proprietors are including their dogs’ balls in glare for intellects unfathomable to the dogs and just about everyone else. The source of the idea appears to be a dog grooming company on Facebook, who posted a picture of their sparkly bird-dog testicles.

Perhaps strangest of all, they did this in January, a month after the testicles would therefore be festive.

People are largely scared by the idea, mainly because it is innately horrifying to dip your dog’s testicles in brightnes. However, there are some love, including one person who questioned “Is this only available for hounds? Asking for a friend.”

Others commented “that’s bordering on animal molestation” and “this is animal abuse.”

“Good GOD !!! What the HELL is wrong with people !?!?!?! Beyond STUPID !!! ” another person uttered.

Valo and Liam, the dogs sporting the sheen, were safe according to the creator of the pole, as the glare is palatable patty glint and held in place with corn syrup. Nonetheless, it’s probably not the most comfortable thing for the dogs to have any kind of syrup strangled on their testicles, and we really wouldn’t recommend you try it.

People are quite concerned about what would happen if the dogs were, as puppies often do, to attempt to lick their testicles.

“There’s no such thing as ‘edible’ glitter. It’s known as disco dust and it’s ‘non-toxic’, to be used only as trinket exclusively, ” one cake artist wrote on Facebook. “It’s non-toxic because it’s used in bakery, so that if you dine a little it won’t be harmful, but you aren’t actually supposed to eat it( or lick it, in this case ).

“Furthermore, even non-toxic make-up asks you to make a scratch test to see if you have a rash or allergies before pertaining a brand-new product.”

Vets have affixed the photos expressing that they genuinely aren’t keen on the relevant recommendations either.

Battersea Dogs& Cats Home condemned the idea.

“Owners have a duty of care to look after their domesticateds responsibly in ways which don’t warn their health, ” a spokesperson told Metro. “Battersea would not encourage anyone to dye or adorn their puppy in any way that threatens the animal’s health.”

Please. For us. Just stop.

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