The long wait for a Republican plan to fix the health care system will continue indefinitely, a status as boring as it was predictable. President Donald Trump’s most recent empty promises to come up with something better than the Affordable Care Act lasted only a week, which was seven days longer than they deserves to last.

The Republican Party was the become the “Party of Healthcare! ” he declared on Twitter last-place Tuesday. But, like , not until next year, he declared Monday. So we’re right back where we started.

It’s fitting for this presidency that most of Trump’s wars on the issue over that short period took place on Twitter, where he made Washington’s “hairs-breadth” stand on end by declaring that Obamacare repeal was back and where he eventually withdrew after the pretty much the entire Republican Party asked him to leave this mess alone. Meanwhile, Democrats can’t believe their luck.

Maybe somebody prompted Trump that when he and the GOP tried this in 2017, it was a spectacular, embarrassing failure that energized the Democratic Party and its voters, is encouraging Democrats earning limit of the House last-place November. Maybe somebody prompted him that taking away health care from millions of people is very unpopular. Or maybe Trump only remembered that “health care could be so complicated.”

How dumb was this Trumpcare boomlet? So dumb that we were treated to a cameo appearance by Sen. Mitt Romney( R-Utah ).

Yes, that Mitt Romney — the godfather of Obamacare, the man who carried out a health care reform program while he was governor of Massachusetts in the 2000 s and later refuted his own success where reference is loped for president in 2012 because a chap appointed Barack Obama liked the relevant recommendations and decided to extend it to the whole country. Naturally, noted Medicare-fraud-overseer Rick Scott , now a Republican senator from Florida, too stuck his nose in.

Trump’s fake interest in reforming the health care system this time followed the White House’s it-would-be-shocking-if-any-other-president-else-did-it decision last week to side with a assortment of state GOP officials who are trying to use the courts to kill the Affordable Care Act because everything else they’ve attempted hasn’t worked.

One judge has already ruled in favor of this lawsuit — a lawsuit that, to be generous, is stupid — and if that decision stands through pleas, it would devastate the healthcare systems system.

Love or dislike Obamacare, the law is nine years old and had incorporated itself into American health care. The millions and millions of people who would lose their health coverage if the Affordable Care Act disappears would be the most direct victims, but the law’s contact goes much further than that.