Donald Trump has invited personalities from across the right-wing internet to the White House on Thursday for a” Social Media Summit ,” but the episode is causing his administration headaches even before it begins.

So far, the summit has stirred up feelings among pro-Trump temperaments who were never invited to the party, and one invitee has been disinvited over an anti-Semitic cartoon–raising the issue of the White House about why he was invited in the first place.

The White House hasn’t released a public register of attendees for the Thursday afternoon event, but a number of pro-Trump identities have announced biddings on Twitter. They include Ali Alexander, a right-wing operative pushing a slander that Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris( CA) isn’t really” an American Black ,” a pro-Trump ” memesmith” who goes by the screenname “@ CarpeDonktum ,” and blogger Jim Hoft, whose Gateway Pundit blog often promotes hoaxes.

The invitee list also includes more traditional White House pilgrims, including Rep. Matt Gaetz( R-FL ), Sen. Marsha Blackburn( R-TN ), and representatives from campus conservative group Turning Point USA and conservative YouTube channel PragerU. In an Instagram post, Turning Point manager Benny Johnson promised to use the conference to give Trump” dank meme meanings .”

Neither Facebook or Twitter are reportedly attending the summit, suggesting that the occasion will mainly feature conservative accusations that the social media monstrous are biased against them.

Notably, the group so far doesn’t appear to include anyone who has actually been banned from major social platforms, even if they are those prohibits have played a significant role in driving accusations on the right that the social heavyweights are biased. Pro-Trump figures like anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer, InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and Proud Boys men’s group founder Gavin McInnes, for example, don’t appear to have been invited.

That fact hasn’t been lost on periphery Trump boosters. In a livestream from Washington, D.C ., InfoWars reporter and Jones lieutenant Owen Shroyer stormed that no one from InfoWars was invited to the event, while people who hadn’t been boycotted were.

Shroyer declared that the incident was an” abortion of truth” and equated the invitees to pups coming a bone and a pat on the head.

” The beings that are actually coming censored get ignored ,” Shroyer said.” Isn’t that funny ?”

Jones protege Paul Joseph Watson weighed in on the summit extremely, wants to know why no figures who have faced total social media proscriptions were invited.

” Have any of the people who got accredited to participate in the social media summit actually been censored by social media ?” Watson tweeted.

White House officials such as social media director Dan Scavino, a top Trump confidant and longtime aide-de-camp, have made the lead on forming the summit’s agenda and assembling its eclectic client register, according to two people familiar with the process. Scavino, who is adept at steering the convoluted meme culture of the pro-Trump internet, impedes invoices on the work of many Trump-loving social media personalities, and will often flag their work directly to the president, who often reacts with an amused smirk or chuckle, the sources said.

But those working in the Trump White House say that, when it came time to decide whether to include hypercontroversial right-wing figures like Loomer or Jones, whose testify Trump has appeared on, officials generally saw it as a dreadfully easy option, even if that alternative been instrumental in some hurt feelings.

” What benefit would it be to anyone if Laura Loomer were in the same room with the president ?” a elderly Trump administration official familiar with the planning told The Daily Beast.” Why on earth would we do that? We aren’t that stupid. Come on .”

Loomer and other pro-Trump temperaments have feelings about the summit on Telegram, a Russian messaging app she and other banned temperaments have resorted to using after being kicked off Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

” It’s just absolutely disgusting how poorly this summit was planned and how flagrant the purposes of the act was to keep banned individuals out ,” Loomer wrote in a Telegram post.” I cannot believe that every single banned being was out of the summit .”

The summit has inspired more angers in the cutthroat life of right-wing media, with even more mainstream pro-Trump digits who think they should have been invited to the join left feeling snubbed. For many, an invite to the White House summit would be the equivalent to an official Trump endorsement, attaining them wonder why they were left out.

Brandon Straka, a lesbian hair stylist whose “# Walkaway” safarus to convince traditionally Democratic voting groups to leave the party ran viral on the right last year, fumed when The Daily Beast asked him why he hadn’t been invited to the summit.

” I want, I simply had the most viral video of the republican advance last year and started a big flow all on social media ,” Straka wrote in a text letter accompanied by a shrugging emoji male.” But- ummm, guess that’s not a big deal ??”

A number of fringe representations have constituted it onto the invite index, according to social media posts. Bill Mitchell, a pre-eminent Trump superfan and online video personality, has claimed to be invited, despite promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory that posits that Trump is about to arrest high-ranking Democratic pedophiles and cannibals. Singer Joy Villa, who wore QAnon earrings to the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this year, said Wednesday that she’s also been invited.

QAnon disciples are obsessed with querying Trump to confirm their scheme in person. Given the chance to do merely that on Thursday, though, Mitchell declined to take the opportunity and query Trump about QAnon.

” Of track not ,” Mitchell told The Daily Beast.” The issue is social media bias , not Q .”

Critics in the touchy world-wide of right-wing internet identities said that most invitees were either establishment picks or very safe. Lucian Wintrich, a onetime Gateway Pundit writer who coordinated a raspy” Twinks for Trump” event during the 2016 safarus, declared invitees like Mitchell” boring[ as fuck ].”

” Gimme a divulge ,” Wintrich told The Daily Beast.

But one would-be invitee has already proved too controversial even for Trump’s White House. Organizers initially invited pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison, a prolific illustrator whose caricatures, which inevitably depict a muscular Trump defeating his foes, frequently depart viral on the right-wing internet. But after Garrison affixed his invite on Twitter, connoisseurs pointed out that Garrison once originated an anti-Semitic cartoon that peculiarity a billionaire Democratic financier and the Rothschild family operate American political representations.

Facing pressure over the Garrison invite, the White House disinvited Garrison, Politico reported. In a statement on Thursday, Garrison denied being anti-Semitic and said he was ” saddened” that the White House met his cancelled summon public. The White House didn’t respond to a request for provide comments on Garrison’s invitation.

In a classic Trump move, Garrison blames the quarrel on “fake news.” Even if he can’t stay the White House on Thursday, though, Garrison might get one thing out of it. Garrison tells The Daily Beast he’s considering making a cartoon about his thwarted White House visit.

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