Twitter is currently researching whether white supremacists should be banned or allowed to continue operating on its platform.

The research aims to understand the effectiveness of both removing such men, as well as allowing them to remain online to be debated by others, according to Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of trust and safety, legal and public policy.

Gadde told Motherboard that Twitter is working with academics to see if it can be confirmed that” counter-speech and communication are a force for good” and” can act as a basis for de-radicalization ,” as Twitter currently believes.

” A study campaign like this isn’t brand-new; our work with academics is ongoing and something that is a critical part of build effective programmes ,” a Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Dot.

Gadde added that Twitter has construed indicate, on other pulpits, that progressive slants get changed through an exchange of ideas.

” We’re working with them precisely on lily-white nationalism and white predominance and radicalization online and savvy the motorists of those things; what role can a scaffold like Twitter play in either uttering that worse or clearing that better ?” Gadde said.

Reaction to the research plan by a range of extremism experts was mingled, Motherboard observed. Most agreed that such action should have been taken long ago.

” It has a resounding of being too little too late in terms of launching into research projects right now ,” Becca Lewis, a researcher of far-right changes for Data& Society, told Motherboard.” People have been raising the alarm about this for literally years now .”

Lewis also expressed skepticism over Twitter’s motive , noting that its decisions could be influenced principally by profit.

” Counter-speech is really charm and there are moments where reference is does absolutely work, but scaffolds have an ulterior motive because it’s a less expensive and more profitable option ,” Lewis said.

Counter-speech may not be a viable option on Twitter, Lewis continued, given that” networked hassle campaigns are common, with white-hot patriots often( taking) part in those campaigns .”

A former Twitter employee also claimed that Twitter’s announcement showed that the company had virtually offset no progress on the issue since she left four years prior.

” Good to see they’re in the exact same home in terms of doing anything than they were when I was working with them as a Trust and Safety partner FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO ,” Gerard Whey wrote on Twitter.