It’s no scandalize to any of us that the throw of Vanderpump Rules didn’t move to Los Angeles to scream at one another and move wine-colored on camera. They moved to be actors, singers and DJs–the holy trinity of jobs your mothers ask questions not to bring up during festivity dinners. But, on their artery to Hollywood, they( quite literally) stumbled into West Hollywood, where they began to scream at one another and prostrate wine just out of habit–and that attire turned into one of the best reality TV depicts of all times. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Katie and Brittany’s birthdays, and too because I just wanted to write this: let’s take a look at what nostalgic comedy these SURvers would be best in.

Kristen Doute-‘ You’ve Got Mail’

Let’s be real, You’ve Got Mail was basically the original Catfish — and we know there’s no one out there who can crack a subject like Doute. The only issue would be that the movie would be cut short, because it would only make three e-mail exchanges for Kristen to get the Social Security Number and Uber receipts of NY152. But I predict the rest of the film can simply be depleted watching Kristen and Tom Hanks split a bottle of tequila? Kind of like Comics in Cars Getting Coffee , but not at all.


Stassi Schroeder- ‘ How to Lose A Guy In 10 Daylights ‘

The writer of the group( in the sense that she has like, a book coming out and wrote a NOT blog in earlier seasons ), Stassi can totally pull off this classic Hudson role. Besides, we definitely feel that she’s already started do research for this role, because nothing helps you lose a guy faster than texting him five hundred times in a row while he’s in the same house as you before throwing your phone on the flooring. Girl, I’ve also done that, so you’re fine. Besides, if you’re reading this, can I please invited to submit your and Beau’s wedding? Or I’ll just babysit the dogs.

Tom Schwartz- ‘ 50 First Dates ‘

Because there’s a 50% risk he blacked out during his actual firstly year and doesn’t remember it. Kind of like how he blacked out and didn’t remember which Mexican resort he was staying at, or that other time he blacked out and ignored he was married and made out with another girl. Oh, bubba.


Lala Kent- ‘ Pretty Woman ‘

You’re telling me you wouldn’t pay seventeen dollars for a movie ticket( and then thirteen additional dollars for a large Diet Coke and medium popcorn) to hear Lala recreate the iconic fronts: “Big mistake! Big! HUGE” ?? In a perfect nature, that is exactly what she says when someone chooses to fly anyway besides on a PJ.

Scheana Shay – The Wedding Singer ‘

Because we’re persuaded if( sorry girl, when! We believe-ish in you !) Scheana got remarried, she would without a doubt play-act at her own wed. Something borrowed, something off-color, and something good as gold . I was going to picking Something Borrowed , but I’ll leave that incase every Brandi decides to do a recasting line of her own.


Jax Taylor- ‘ It’s Complicated ‘

Is there any oath to better describe Jax Taylor and his love life( and regular life) than” complicated” ? Cheating on your girlfriend with an acquaintance while she was watching an elderly woman and having it recorded on iPhone voice memo? Yeah, that’s a pickle to say the least. Luckily for Jax, it seems that’s really water under the bridge–and by spray, I make brew cheese.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz- ‘ Clueless ‘

Nothing but love to Katie and Pucker+ Pout, but there are sometimes where she has been completely clueless when it comes to her affinity( and likewise her elegance blog-meets-website ). But besides that, she’s also unusually charming and like Cher, you’re perpetually rooting for her–even during that season she went blonde.


Brittany Cartwright- ‘ Crazy, Stupid, Love ‘

This is less about the premise of the movie and more about the name, because if we go into the subject matter for Brittany I’m just going to get depressed and continue shouting “LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE! ” while calling an Uber Pool for me, her, and Kristen so the two of us can protect her. Mainly, this entitlement summarizes up exactly how I am thinking about her date with Jax: it’s crazy … It’s stupid … but, it’s desire?

Ariana Madix — ‘ Cocktail ‘

Even though it wouldn’t thoroughly be a retirement, I feel that Ariana’s retirement plan will be moving to a tropical island and precisely being a celebrity bartender for an acclaimed tiki table there.

Tom Sandavol- ‘ My Best Friend’s Wedding ‘

Cause there’s not a fear in my imagination that Tom and Tom had a pact to get married if they were both single by 40… or, 28( aka 40 in Los Angeles ). Imagine how chic that Pride episode would have been? Especially with their explanation of “I Say A Little Prayer For You( DJ James Kennedy Remix) ”.


Lisa Vanderpump- ‘ Under the Tuscan Sun ‘

This is less about the movie and more about the facts of the case that my alone dream in life is to drink Vanderpump Rose with Lisa and 50 dogs in Europe.

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