We either have chosen the racial difficulties in this world, or “weve had” simply run out of ways to accuse others of racism and have to create brand-new wraths out of thin…soup.

Remember, recently when HuffPo declared that black people eating healthy necessitate they would have to eat “white people food“ ?! Then it got worse when that same white people diet was known to be killing the environmental issues. How about when someone was merely saying a particular stew looked like dishwaterand was instantly labelled as nationalist?

The concept of food being inherently race-based will forever be a source of menu-bourne mirth. The recent comes from Burger King, via New Zealand. Over in the region of the Hobbits, BK Lounge is propelling what it calls the “Tastes Of The World” menu. One of the items is a chicken sandwich seasoned with a Vietnamese sweet chili sauce.

In a commercial place boasting the new sandwich, they had patrons attempting to eat them with comically enormous chopsticks. Oh wait, that is the burger chain made a disagreeable prejudiced representation based on loathsome stereotypes.