Heartbreak is a cruel mistress- it is something we all probability when fallen in love, and when we are struck down by it there is little else to do but ride out the tendernes. For some people, it can be a soul-crushing experience that they never certainly recover from; something vital and innocent dies inside of them, never to be seen again. For others, though, it was possible to the catalyst and motivating for fundamental change, a reform that could only have risen from the ashes of a onetime life set aflame and burned to the ground.

The latter is exactly was happened to a Japanese worker known as Shirapyon. He has been an increase perhaps more comfortably into middle age, and so was shed into a sense of disarray when his wife quite suddenly left him. The self-described “sad, bald middle-aged guy” was left with the choice of wallowing in drink-fuelled self-loathing or getting back into the fitness regimes he used to partake in when he was younger. He chose to throw himself into bodybuilding with gusto and “ve never” gazed back.

“I divorced 5 years ago, and for a while, I was drinking merely liquor, ” Shirapyon told Bored Panda. “But then I retained my boy suddenly. I just thought that I’d like to participate in a bodybuilding contest.”

“I lost weight in my own style, I lost 12 kilograms through diet and hard work at the gym. At my first competition, I did not qualify. But I adoration current challenges and have recently been been playing in bodybuilding games for 4 years. ”

As you can see for yourself, Shirapyon has maintained an affecting continuing commitment his diversion, spending abundance of time in the gym in his free time and regularly sitting most in many bodybuilding events. Wielding a day racket for a company that deals with medical rig, his reason for sharing his transformative fib is not simply to show off his sound torso. “I’m happy to be the stimulate from which someone change has begun, ” he told us, explaining that he is proof that it’s never too late to turn your life around. “If you want to be reborn, do it while you’re still alive, ” he says.

Shirapyon’s journey into bodybuilding has also lead to a new beloved; he has since met a bikini fitness model and they are very happy together. “I changed my body, and destiny was changed, ” he told us. “It doesn’t have to be bodybuilding that creates the flicker. It can be swimming, a marathon, any diversion. Anything that makes dedication to improve oneself. I fight against myself , not others.”

So if you find yourself wandering into a middle-aged malaise, maybe your relationship has broke down or life has simply started to weigh you down, take some revelation from this strong, dedicated husband. “Don’t make excuses until you’ve tried everything that you maybe can, ” he often says.

Life is everything that you yourself do of it, and the opportunity for change is always there if you crave it severely enough. If you ever start to doubt yourself, save Shirapyon’s motto in imagination!

As well as his bodybuilding employs, Shirapyon has find modeling and business possibilities through his new health life-style. He has also cosplayed as the famed anime person Tien Shinhan, from Dragon Ball Z.

What do you think? Have you ever suffered heartache? What was your reaction to it? What other major life events can cause such a fundamental change in a person’s outlook and attitude? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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